My First Solo Art Show - Its time to off road!

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order" - Carl Jung

Singapore, Sunday, 10th Dec 2017 will be my first solo art show at the Catholic Centre at 55 Waterloo Street in Singapore.

As I am writing this entry I am filled with excitement as I do not know the outcome of the show after the months of planning and effort put in. Well I guess if one does not try, one will never know.

After 3 group art exhibitions in the past few years, a couple of positive sales and receiving compliments from friends and strangers I made the decision to showcase my art pieces and hope to meet more people along the way.  Life is about human connections, positive ones turn to customers and even friends.

This show is just a part of my art journey, one step at a time.  An event to mark a milestone in my life and as I celebrate my jubilee year.

I dedicate the show to my late mother - I started to paint to beat depression after she passed away.  We had a very close relationship and losing someone so dear is like having a big hole in my heart.  I am so glad her memories and my art have filled that space now. 

Thanks for reading my blog post, come visit the show if you are in Singapore.  I am so looking forward to meet you.

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